156-315 vce

Exam A
You work a network administrator for Certkiller.com. You configure a Check Point QoS Rule Base with two rules: an H.323 rule with a weight of 10, and the Default Rule with a weight of 10. The H.323 rule includes a per-connection guarantee of 384 Kbps, and a per-connection limit of 512 Kbps. The per-connection guarantee is for four connections, and no additional connections are allowed in the Action properties. If traffic passing through the QoS Module matches both rules, which of the following is true?
A. Neither rule will be allocated more than 10% of available bandwidth.
B. The H.323 rule will consume no more than 2048 Kbps of available bandwidth.
C. 50% of available bandwidth will be allocated to the H.323 rule.
D. 50% of available bandwidth will be allocated to the Default Rule
E. Each H.323 connection will receive at least 512 Kbps of bandwidth.
Correct Answer: B
Certkiller.com has many VPN-1 Edge gateways at various branch offices, to allow
VPN-1 SecureClient users to access Certkiller.com resources. For security reasons,

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