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QUESTION: 26 A new Employment Record Number (ERN) was created erroneously. The ERN Delete Process can be used to remove the erroneous record. Which are the three processes that this component checks before allowing the deletion of the ERN? (Choose three.)
A. Payroll
B. Training
C. Benefits
D. User Profile
E. Time Reporting

Answer: A, C, E
QUESTION: 27 Which three types of transactions can you use Template-Based Hire to process? (Choose three.)
A. Hire Employee
B. Rehire Employee
C. Add POI with Jobs
D. Mass Terminations
E. Add Contingent Workers

F. Mass Department changes

Answer: A, B, E
QUESTION: 28 Your client has several positions that have high turnover. In hiring employees, it is spending a lot of time entering repetitive information during the hiring process. It wants to use Template-Based Hire Process to speed up the data entry for these positions. The Template-Based Hire Process streamlines repetitive data entry on the page.
A. Job Data
B. Personal Data
C. Bank Accounts
D. Emergency Contact
E. Employee Tax Data

Answer: A
Identify the four main components in setting up hiring templates. (Choose four.)

A. Copy Template
B. Template Section
C. Template Creation
D. Template Record/Field
E. Template Category Table
Answer: B, C, D, E
QUESTION: 30 Which template setup page defines what an end user can do when the person whose information is being processed already exists in the system?
A. Sections
B. Configuration
C. Person Rules
D. Template Creation
E. Template Section Setup
F. Template Section Field Configuration
Answer: C
QUESTION: 31 When hiring a person using the template-based hire feature, you choose the Save for Later option. What is the hiring status that is assigned to the transaction?
A. Draft
B. Pending Hire
C. Save for Later
D. Hire in Progress

Answer: A
QUESTION: 32 Identify three components that the HR administrator uses to administer template-based hires. (Choose three.)
A. Manage Hires
B. Error Transaction
C. Manage Hire Details
D. Template-Based Hire
E. Template-Based Hire Status

Answer: A, B, C
Identify two true statements regarding the Manage Hire page. (Choose two.)

A. The Manage Hire page shows completed template hires.
B. The Manage Hire page is used by the HR administrator role.
C. The Manage Hire page is administered by Technical Support.
D. The Manage Hire page shows applicants submitted from the recruiting process.
Answer: B, D

Employee # 4321 just got married and you need to update the information in PeopleSoft. Which two paths can you follow to insert a row and update the information? (Choose two.)
A. Workforce Administration > Citizenship, enter employee id #
B. Workforce Administration > Personal Relationships, enter employee id #
C. Workforce Administration > Organization Relationships, enter employee id #
D. Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Modify a Person, enter employee id #
E. Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Biographical > Modify a Person, enter employee id #

Answer: D, E
QUESTION: 35 An employee was recently given a transfer of department, and along with the transfer the employee’s supervisor changed. Which two pages on Job Data need to be updated with an inserted row?
A. Job Information & Payroll
B. Work Location & Job Labor
C. Work Location & Salary Plan
D. Job Information & Salary Plan
E. Work Location & Job Information

Answer: E
QUESTION: 36 The navigation path for creating an Action/Action Reason code begins with the menu item.
C. Student Financials
D. PayrollNorthAmerica
E. Workforce Administration
Answer: B

The employee #1234 current row in Job Data has an effective date of 01/01/07. You need to insert a row with an effective date of 01/01/08 and a newly created Action/ActionReason code. Which three dates can the new Action/Action Reason code be set up in order for the new row to be inserted in Job Data? (Choose three.)
A. 12/31/08
B. 01/01/07
C. 07/01/08
D. 07/01/07
E. 01/01/08

Answer: B, D, E
QUESTION: 38 Using components of pay is a PeopleSoft Human Resources function that enables organizations to define single or multiple rates of pay, represented by Comp Rate (compensation rate) codes to identify what make up a workers compensation package. The Comp Rate Code table page provides organizations with three capabilities: ,
and . (Choose three.)
A. create base pay and non-base pay Rate Codes
B. create minimum, midpoint, and maximum rates for each Rate Code
C. define step increment advancement by hours and months for each Rate Code
D. identify Rate Code types, such as a flat rate, an hourly rate, a percentage, or a point system
E. categorize Rate Code by class to simplify searching throughout the system for specific Rate Codes

Answer: A, D, E
QUESTION: 39 The PeopleSoft HRMS system allows customers to restrict the number of rows displayed in a scroll area on a page. There are several ways to restrict the number of rows in a scroll area including providing a parameter on the Installation page. On which page on the Installation table, can you enter a parameter that limits the number of rows in a scroll area?
A. Products
B. HRMS Options
C. Product Specific
D. Country Specific
E. Last ID Assigned

F. Alternate Character
G. Third Party / System

Answer: G
QUESTION: 40 When implementing PeopleSoft Human Resources, which three must you do before creating employee-level data? (Choose three.)
A. You must evaluate the user’s security requirements.
B. You must establish system setup tables and default values.
C. You must evaluate yourcompanys system and table requirements.
D. You must establish a remote node definition for Application Messaging. E. You must establish the path where Application Engine logs will be stored. F. You must evaluate the Employee ID length in thecustomers legacy system.
G. You must evaluate table structure and data dependencies within PeopleSoft HCM.

Answer: B, C, G
What is true about SetID and Business Unit?

A. SetIDs are assigned to Business Units.
B. The termSetID and Business Unit are often used synonymously.
C. Business Unit can control what aSetID can access within a table.
D. SetID and Business Unit are considered legal entities within PeopleSoft Human Resource.
E. Business Unit is associated with apersons job record, whereas SetID is associated with a persons position record.

Answer: A
You are hired as a consultant to provide guidance to your client about structuring
compensation for employees during their PeopleSoft Human Resource implementation.
Your job is to advise your client about using best practices for setting up Salary Grades.
Identify three statements that are considered to be best practices for implementing Salary
Grades. (Choose three.)

A. Salary Administration Plan can be associated with only one Salary Grade.

B. You specify the minimum, midpoint, and maximum rates for each Salary Grade.
C. You usually set up several Salary Grades within the same Salary Administration Plan.
D. To create different ranges for the same Salary grade, use separate Salary Administration plans for each.
E. You specify only a maximum rate for each Salary Grade because minimum and midpoint ranges are not relevant in PeopleSoft.
F. To create different ranges for the same Salary Grade, insert a new row with a different effective date in the Salary Grade table.

Answer: B, C, D
QUESTION: 43 Which three types of effective dated rows are in the Peoplesoft Human Resources System?
A. Past, Current, Future
B. Past, Present, Future
C. History, Current, Future
D. History, Present, Future
E. History, Existing, Future
F. Earlier, Existing, Potential

Answer: C
Choose the best definition of historical rows in Peoplesoft’s Human Resources System.

A. All the rows that have an effective status of inactive.
B. All the rows with an effective date less than the current row’s effective date.
C. The row that has the highest effective date, less than or equal to the system date.
D. All the rows with an effective date less than the system date and with an action of terminated.

Answer: B
QUESTION: 45 Inserting a row into an effective-dated table causes the existing data on the prior row to be .
A. deleted from the table

B. copied to the new row
C. moved to an archive table
D. available only in Correction mode
E. available only in Update/Display mode
F. overwritten by the values of the new inserted row

Answer: B
QUESTION: 46 Company is a high-level key on some payroll tables. Two of the three PeopleSoft Payroll Modules use Company as a high-level key. These two payroll modules require company to be set up before the other tables that require it as a high-level key. Identify these two payroll modules. (Choose two.)
A. NA Payroll
B. Global Payroll
C. Payroll Interface

Answer: A, C
QUESTION: 47 You are setting up Human Resources for your customer. You have a table sequence to follow for your implementation. Choose the correct sequence of tables.
A. TableSet ID, Installation, Company Table, Business Unit, TableSet Control
B. TableSet ID, TableSet Control, Installation, Company Table, Business Unit
C. Installation Table, Company Table,TableSet ID, Business Unit, TableSet Control
D. Installation Table, Business Unit, Company Table,TableSet ID, TableSet Control
E. Installation Table,TableSet ID, TableSet Control, Company Table, Business Unit

Answer: C
PeopleSoft HCM 9.0 supports configuration for many countries. On the Installation Table
you will see a tab labeled Country Specific. There is a link labeled Installed Countries.
Choose four countries that are supported by PeopleSoft. (Choose four.)

A. India
B. Brazil
C. China

D. Japan
E. Russia
F. Pakistan
Answer: A, B, C, D
QUESTION: 49 On the Installation Table there is a tab labeled Last ID Assigned. These IDs inform the HCM system at what number to start numbering after the customer goes live. Identify three IDs that are assigned on the Installation Table – Last ID Assigned Tab. (Choose three.)
A. Last Offer ID
B. Last Position # Used
C. Last Job Opening ID
D. Last Employee ID Assigned
E. Last Retro Pay RequestSeq #

Answer: B, D, E
Choose three fields that are required on the Company Table. (Choose three.)

A. Pay Group
B. DefaultSetID
C. Effective Date
D. Lines on Pay Sheet
E. Single Check for Multiple Jobs

Answer: B, C, D
QUESTION: 51 You are helping an organization design its Human Resources table structure. This organization has two divisions in the
A. Ask where most employees work.
B. Ask how many different locations are in theU.S. and Canada.
C. Ask how many establishments the organization plans to setup.
D. Ask how the organization reports rollups on the Financial General Ledger.

E. Ask how many legal entities the organization reports to the various government agencies.

Answer: E
Identify four tabs at the top of the Company table. (Choose four.)

A. Phones
B. Contacts
C. Addresses
D. Rules Definition
E. Default Settings
F. Company Location
Answer: A, D, E, F
QUESTION: 53 Identify two of the tables where an employee’s default compensation frequency can be set? (Choose two.)
A. Position Table
B. Job Code Table
C. Installation Table
D. Salary Plan Table

Answer: B, C
QUESTION: 54 You have implemented Benefits Administration for your customer. You processed a job row on job data dated 1/15/2007 for the employee but no event was created on BAS Activity. You missed a setting on the installation table.
A. You missed setting the Start Date for Ben Admin on the Installation Table to precede the job action.
B. You missed selecting the Human Resources check box on the Products tab on the Installation Table.
C. You missed selecting the Retroactive Benefits/Deductions check box on the Product Specifics tab on the Installation Table.

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