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Exam Title: Fortinet NSE 4—FortiOS 6.4
Exam Series: NSE4_FGT-6.4
Exam Duration: 105 minutes
Exam questions: 60 multiple choice questions
Grading: Pass or fail, a grading report is available in your Pearson VUE account
Language: English and Japanese
Product version: FortiOS 6.4
Experience: At least six months of FortiGate hands-on experience
Exam Resources:
Pass4itSure NSE4_FGT-6.4 Dumps
NSE Training Institute Courses
l NSE 4 FortiGate Security
l NSE 4 FortiGate Infrastructure
l FortiOS – Administration Guide
l FortiOS – New Features Guide
Exam topics:
FortiGate deployment
Firewall and authentication
Content inspection
Routing and Layer 2 switching

Fortinet NSE 4 – FortiOS 6.4 –

The Fortinet NSE 4—FortiOS 6.4 exam is part of the NSE 4 Network Security Professional program and recognizes successful candidates’ knowledge and expertise in FortiGate devices.

NSE4_6.4 Exam

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NSE4_FGT-6.4 Exam Questions Free Dumps


Refer to the exhibit.

The exhibit contains a network interface configuration, firewall policies, and a CLI console configuration. How will FortiGate handle user authentication for traffic that arrives on the LAN interface?

A. If there is a full-through policy in place, users will not be prompted for authentication.
B. Users from the Sales group will be prompted for authentication and can authenticate successfully with the correct credentials.
C. Authentication is enforced at a policy level; all users will be prompted for authentication.
D. Users from the HR group will be prompted for authentication and can authenticate successfully with the correct credentials.

Correct Answer: C


FortiGuard categories can be overridden and defined in different categories. To create a web rating override for example.com home page, the override must be configured using a specific syntax. Which two syntaxes are correct to configure web rating for the home page? (Choose two.)

A. www.example.com:443
B. www.example.com
C. example.com
D. www.example.com/index.html

Correct Answer: BC


Which two statements are true when FortiGate is in transparent mode? (Choose two.)

A. By default, all interfaces are part of the same broadcast domain.
B. The existing network IP schema must be changed when installing a transparent mode.
C. Static routes are required to allow traffic to the next hop.
D. FortiGate forwards frames without changing the MAC address.

Correct Answer: AD

Reference: https://kb.fortinet.com/kb/viewAttachment.do?
attachID=Fortigate_Transparent_Mode_Technical_Guide_FortiOS_4_0_version1.2.pdfanddo cumentID=FD33113


An administrator is configuring an Ipsec between site A and siteB. The Remotes Gateway setting in both sites has been configured as Static IP Address. For site A, the local quick mode selector is and the remote quick mode selector is How must the administrator configure the local quick mode selector for site B?


Correct Answer: B


Which two statements are correct about NGFW Policy-based mode? (Choose two.)

A. NGFW policy-based mode does not require the use of central source NAT policy
B. NGFW policy-based mode can only be applied globally and not on individual VDOMs
C. NGFW policy-based mode supports creating applications and web filtering categories directly in a firewall policy
D. NGFW policy-based mode policies support only flow inspection

Correct Answer: CD


Refer to the exhibit.

Which contains a session diagnostic output. Which statement is true about the session diagnostic output?

A. The session is in SYN_SENT state.
B. The session is in FIN_ACK state.
C. The session is in FTN_WAIT state.
D. The session is in ESTABLISHED state.

Correct Answer: A

Indicates TCP (proto=6) session in SYN_SENT state (proto=state=2) https://kb.fortinet.com/kb/


Which feature in the Security Fabric takes one or more actions based on event triggers?

A. Fabric Connectors
B. Automation Stitches
C. Security Rating
D. Logical Topology

Correct Answer: C


An administrator has configured a strict RPF check on FortiGate. Which statement is true about the strict RPF check?

A. The strict RPF check is run on the first sent and reply packet of any new session.
B. Strict RPF checks the best route back to the source using the incoming interface.
C. Strict RPF checks only for the existence of at cast one active route back to the source using the incoming interface.
D. Strict RPF allows packets back to sources with all active routes.

Correct Answer: B


Refer to the exhibit.

The exhibit contains a network diagram, central SNAT policy, and IP pool configuration. The WAN (port1) interface has the IP address The LAN (port3) interface has the IP address A firewall policy is configured to allow to destinations from LAN (port3) to WAN (port1). Central NAT is enabled, so NAT settings from matching Central SNAT policies will be applied.

Which IP address will be used to source NAT the traffic, if the user on Local-Client ( pings the IP
address of Remote-FortiGate (


Correct Answer: D


Which statement correctly describes NetAPI polling mode for the FSSO collector agent?

A. The collector agent uses a Windows API to query DCs for user logins.
B. NetAPI polling can increase bandwidth usage in large networks.
C. The collector agent must search security event logs.
D. The NetSession Enum function is used to track user logouts.

Correct Answer: D

Reference: https://kb.fortinet.com/kb/documentLink.do?externalID=FD34906


Which of the following are purposes of NAT traversal in IPsec? (Choose two.)

A. To detect intermediary NAT devices in the tunnel path.
B. To dynamically change phase 1 negotiation mode aggressive mode.
C. To encapsulation ESP packets in UDP packets using port 4500.
D. To force a new DH exchange with each phase 2 rekey.

Correct Answer: AC


Which two types of traffic are managed only by the management VDOM? (Choose two.)

A. FortiGuard web filter queries
C. Traffic shaping

Correct Answer: AD


Which three methods are used by the collector agent for AD polling? (Choose three.)

A. FortiGate polling
C. Novell API
E. WinSecLog

Correct Answer: BDE

Reference: https://kb.fortinet.com/kb/documentLink.do?externalID=FD47732

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