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Exam Code: 70-533
Exam Name: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
Q&As: 205

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70-533 dumps

Pass4itsure Latest and Most Accurate Microsoft 70-533 Dumps Exam Q&As:

12.You are deploying ESX servers with SVM. You have followed the recommended best practice and
have designed your front-end SAN to have redundant fabrics and allowed for both HBA initiator ports to
see both DPMs. You have created SVM volumes and have presented them to your ESX servers. After
performing an HBA rescan from an ESX server, how many paths should be available to each LUN?
A. 2
B. 4
C. 8
D. 16
70-533 exam 
Answer: B
13.A customer has an environment that includes existing VMware disks that must be imported into SVM.
VMware marks a signature on the volumes which identifies the controller WWNN and LUN ID. Which
statement describes what you need to take into account when migrating the VMware disks under SVM
A. VMware will not resignature automatically.
B. VMware will present the same LUN ID after importing.
C. VMware will modify the DPM WWNN to match the array WWNN.
D. VMware resignaturing must be set correctly.
Answer: D
14.Your customer would like to consolidate multiple storage arrays which are currently under-utilized. The
SAN is not currently managed by SVM. The customer desires the minimal impact to their applications.
Which two statements describe the process to consolidate the arrays under SVM? (Choose two.)
A. Import existing LUNs into SVM pools.
B. Use multiMigrate to move the volumes to the desired array.
C. Use asynchronous mirror to move the volumes to the desired array.
D. Use multiMigrate to move the volumes to the desired array and remove SVM.
70-533 dumps 
Answer: A,B
15.Your customer is looking for a high availability solution for company-critical data with an RPO of 0.
Periodically the customer would like to verify the integrity of replicated data. You configure two SVM
domains on two sites and use synchronous multiMirror between the two sites. What are two methods to
verify the data? (Choose two.)
A. Create a PiT on the synchronous multiMirror group, create a view on the second synchronous mirror
job PiT and assign it to a host.
B. Use multiCopy for one of the synchronous multiMirror jobs and then assign the destination volume to a
C. Create a PiT on the second synchronous multiMirror job, create a view for that PiT and assign it to a
D. Create a PiT on the first synchronous multiMirror job, create a view for that PiT and assign it to a host.
Answer: A,C
16 .One caution an investigator should take when examining the source of a network
attack is:
A. an occurrence of Social Engineering
B. relaxed physical security
C. the source IP address may have been spoofed
D. a sniffer could be on the network
70-533 pdf Answer: C
17 .Stream comparison used as a Traceback technique focuses on what two factors?
A. the IP address and victim port
B. the packet contents and audit logs

C. inter-packet timing and the victim port
D. the packet contents and inter-packet timing
Answer: D
18 .To perform a successful traceback, the two most prominent problems that need to
be solved are locating the source of IP packets and:
A. the timestamp of the event
B. determining the first node of a connection chain
C. the reflector host
D. the victim port
70-533 vce Answer: B
19 .The most important network information that should be observed from the logs
during a Traceback is the intruder IP address, the victim IP address, the victim port,
protocol information and the:
A. source port
B. operating system
C. MAC address
D. timestamp
Answer: D
20 .A new protocol that is designed to aid in intrusion protection and IP tracebacks is
known as:
A. Intruder Detection and Isolation Protocol (IDIP)
B. Intrusion Detection and Traceback Protocol (IDTP)
C. Facilitating Traceback Protocol (FTP)
D. Intruder Detection and Internet Protocol (IDIP)
70-533 exam Answer: A

21.How do you specify an exclude list for a single policy or schedule?
A. Client properties: UNIX clients or Windows clients: Exclude List Select the policy or
B. Client properties: UNIX clients or Windows clients: Exclude list area type in the name
of the policy or schedule before the exclude list
C. Client properties: UNIX clients or Windows clients: Exclude List Exceptions to the
  Exclude List area
D. Client properties: UNIX clients or Windows clients: Include List Exceptions to the
Exclude List area
Answer: A
22.Your environment has one master server and six SAN media servers. The systems
use Shared Storage Option (SSO) to share 10 tape drives on a single robot. Backups
run at night to various media servers and you want to duplicate all backups during
the day. All duplications must run on the master server to free media server
What would you do to allow the master server to perform all duplications?
A. unset “Drive Duplication Enabled” in device manager for SAN media servers
B. in the Vault policy set “Server Duplicate Disaster” for SAN media servers
C. set an offsite volume pool for master server access only
D. set an “Alternate Read Server” in the Vault Policy Duplication Tab
70-533 dumps Answer: C
23.Where in the NetBackup Administration Console is the file fragment size for
A. Policies
B. Storage Units
C. Media Manager > Devices
D. Host Properties > Media Manager
Answer: B
24.You are at a disaster recovery site testing restores from your offsite duplicate tapes.
To begin performing restores you must change the duplicate copies to be the
primary copy.
Which two commands do this? (Choose two)
A. bprecover
B. bpchangeprimary
C. bpimage
D. bpexpdate
70-533 pdf Answer: B, C
25.You want to force a NetBackup Windows client with multiple network interfaces to
use a specific network interface. You specify the network hostname of that interface
using the Host Properties > Client Properties window and which tab?
A. Bandwidth
B. Windows Client

C. Universal Settings
D. Global NetBackup Attributes
Answer: C, D

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