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A university issues badges through a homegrown identity management system to all staff and students. Each week during the summer, temporary summer school students arrive and need to be issued a badge to access minimal campus resources. The security team received a report from an outside auditor indicating the homegrown system is not consistent with best practices in the security field and leaves the institution vulnerable.

Which of the following should the security team recommend FIRST?

A. Investigating a potential threat identified in logs related to the identity management system
B. Updating the identity management system to use discretionary access control
C. Beginning research on two-factor authentication to later introduce into the identity management system
D. Working with procurement and creating a requirements document to select a new IAM system/vendor

Correct Answer: A


Ransomware encrypted the entire human resources files for a large financial institution. Security operations personnel were unaware of the activity until it was too late to stop. The restoration will take approximately four hours, and the last backup occurred 48 hours ago. The management team has indicated that the RPO for a disaster recovery event for this data classification is 24 hours.

Based on RPO requirements, which of the following recommendations should the management team make?

A. Leave the current backup schedule intact and pay the ransom to decrypt the data.
B. Leave the current backup schedule intact and make the human resources files read-only.
C. Increase the frequency of backups and create SIEM alerts for IOCs.
D. Decrease the frequency of backups and pay the ransom to decrypt the data.

Correct Answer: C


A healthcare system recently suffered from a ransomware incident As a result the board of directors decided to hire a security consultant to improve existing network security. The security consultant found that the healthcare network was completely flat, had no privileged access limits, and had open RDP access to servers with personal health information.

As the consultant builds the remediation plan, which of the following solutions would BEST solve these challenges? (Select THREE).

C. Remote access VPN
E. Network segmentation

Correct Answer: ACE


Correct Answer: Check the answer in the explanation.

Please see the below
Step 1: Verify that the certificate is valid or not. In case of any warning message, cancel the download.
Step 2: If the certificate issue is not there then, download the file in your system.
Step 3: Calculate the hash value of the downloaded file.
Step 4: Match the hash value of the downloaded file with the one which you selected on the website.
Step 5: Install the file if the hash value matches.


The Chief Information Security Officer of a startup company has asked a security engineer to implement a software security program in an environment that previously had little oversight. Which of the following testing methods would be BEST for the engineer to utilize in this situation?

A. Software composition analysis
B. Code obfuscation
C. Static analysis
D. Dynamic analysis

Correct Answer: C


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