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Exam Code: 200-310
Exam Name: Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions
Updated: Aug 18, 2017
Q&As: 453

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200-310 dumps

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Which of the following is the correct code for assigning a custom template file using layout XML?
A. <block type=”core/text_list” name=”custom.template” template=” folder/custom_template.phtml”/>
B. <block type=”core/template” name=”custom template” template=” folder/custom_template.phtml”/>
C. <block type=”block/template” name=”custom template” template=” folder/custom_template.phtml”/>
D. <block type=”cms/block” name=”custom.template”template=” folder/custom_template.phtml”/>
E. <block type=”block/html” name=”custom template”template=” folder/custom_template.phtml”/>
200-310 exam Correct Answer: B
You want to create a wrapper block that uses an HTML tag name which is set by the action
setHtmlTagName. The wrapper block should render all its child blocks within the HTML tag. Which block
type should you use to create the wrapper block?
A. page/html
B. page/wrapper
C. page/div wrapper
D. page/html_wrapper
Correct Answer: D
You want to figure out which phtml-files are rendering in the front end. Which developer tool helps you do
A. Profiler
B. Exception.log
C. Block Class Names
D. Template Path Hints
E. System.log
200-310 dumps Correct Answer: D
Which is the correct order of the three types of translations by priority (1 = highest, 3 = lowest)?
A. 1. Database (Inline) translation2. Module translation3. Theme translation
B. 1. Database (Inline) translation2. Theme translation3. Module translation
C. 1. Module translation2. Database (In line) translation3. Theme translation
D. 1. Theme translation2. Database (In line) translation3. Module translation
Correct Answer: B
Which piece of code creates a url that links to the store pages in transactional email templates?
A. { {store url= ” “}}
B. { { store_page url= ” “} }
C. { { store_url= ” “} }
D. { { store_name url= ” “} }
200-310 pdf Correct Answer: A
Your project, which uses prototype.js, contains the JavaScript class Photoviewer (see EXAMPLE, below).
Which one of the following code samples will create a class called AdvancedPhotoViewer that extends
Photoviewe r?
var PhotoViewer = Class.create();
A. var AdvancedPhotoViewer = new PhotoViewer()
B. AdvancedPhotoViewer.prototype = Object.extend (new PhotoViewer ()
C. var AdvancedPhotoViewer = Class.extend (PhotoViewer)
D. AdvancedPhotoViewer = PhotoViewer.extend ()
Correct Answer: B
Which element in layout XML specifies a method to be called on a referenced or newly defined block?
A. <action>
B. <call>
C. <change>
D. <method>
E. <update>
200-310 vce Correct Answer: A
Which one of these code samples will assign a root template to a specific page of native Magento?
A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Correct Answer: D
You want to create a new “screendesign” package based on the “default” package’s “default” theme.
Which ONE of the following steps do you have to take?
A. Copy app/design/base to app/design/screendesign
B. Create an empty folder app/design/frontend/screendesign and copy app/design/frontend/default/default
into it
C. Create skin/frontend/screendesign, then copy the CSS and images folders and their files from /skin/
frontend/default/default/ to skin/frontend/screendesign/default
D. Inside app/design/frontend and skin/frontend, copy the folder “default” to the folder “custom”; then
rename custom/default to custom/screendesign in both places
E. Create app/design/frontend/default/screendesign
200-310 exam Correct Answer: C
Which ONE of the following adds links to the top links navigation?
A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Correct Answer: B
When a block of type __________ is rendered, all its child blocks are rendered automatically, without the
need to call the getChildHtml () method.
A. Page/html
B. Core/template
C. Core/text_list
D. Page/html_wrapper
200-310 dumps Correct Answer: C
Which is the correct type attribute for a structural block?
A. core/block
B. core/html_wrapper
C. core/text
D. core/text_list
Correct Answer: D
Within a Magento instance configured to use the package name “my_package” and the theme name
“my_theme”, which file would override the default catalog search template?
A. app/frontend/base/my_package/my_theme/template/catalogsearch/form.mini.phtml
B. app/design/frontend/base/default/template/customsearch/form.mini.phtml
C. app/design/frontend/my_theme/my_package/template/catalogsearch/custom.form.mini.phtml
D. app/design/frontend/my_package/my_theme/template/catalogsearch/form.mini.phtml
E. app/frontend/default/my_theme/customsearch/form.mini.phtml
200-310 pdf Correct Answer: D
You have added some HTML to a custom template located at “template/mytemplates/custom.phtml”.
Which code snippet is the correct way to create a block for custom.phtml in the layout XML?
A. <block type=”core/template” name=”custom” template=”mytemplates/custom.phtml”/>
B. <block type=”core/template” name=”custom”template=”template/mytemplates/ custom.phtml”/>
C. <block type=”custom1′ name=”custom”template=”template/mytemplates/ custom.phtml”/>
D. <block type=”custom” name=”custom” template=”mytemplates/custom.phtml”/>
Correct Answer: A
You need to add a custom structural block template to a block that will render all children automatically.
Which three attributes are required in the block’s XML definition? (Choose THREE.)
A. after

B. as
C. before
D. name
E. template
F. type
200-310 vce Correct Answer: BDF
You want to add additional XML (“Additional XML Declaration”) to an existing layout block. Which is the
proper tag for adding it?
A. <reference type=”block”>Additional XML Declaration</ reference>
B. <action method= “addNewBlock”><block name>Additional XML Declaration <I block name></ action>
C. <reference name=”block.name”>Additional XML Declaration</reference>
D. <method action= “setBlockContent”><xml>Additional XML Declaration</xml></method>
Correct Answer: C
What is the proper layout update handle for adding a CSS file to the product page?
A. <product>
B. <catalog_product>
C. <catalog_product_view>
D. <default>
200-310 exam Correct Answer: C
The name of a design package in the Design tab of the System->Configuration window in Admin is also
used as ________ and ________ . (Choose TWO.)
A. a folder name in app/design/frontend
B. a configuration value taken from index.php
C. a folder name in skin/frontend
D. a setting in the menu System -> Design
E. a folder name in app/design/frontend/base
Correct Answer: AC
You have a “custom/default” design package. You need to edit this file:
Which method is a bad practice because the file will be overwritten during Magento upgrades?
A. Edit the “base/default” file directly.
B. Create a new module in “base/default” called “custom” and copy the file there for editing.
C. Create a new package called “custom/custom” and copy the file there for editing.
D. Copy the file to “custom/default” for editing.
200-310 dumps Correct Answer: A
Given a configured package “tmypackage” and a configured theme “mytheme”, which THREE of the
following templates would be part of the design fallback? (Choose THREE.)

A. mypackage/default/template/my/template.phtml
B. base/mytheme/template/my/template.phtml
C. default/default/template/my/template.phtml
D. base/default/template/my/template.phtml
E. default/mytheme/template/my/template.phtml
F. mypackage/mytheme/template/my/template.phtml
Correct Answer: ADF
Which four of the following page elements can be updated from the Magento Admin in System->
Configuration-> Design? (Choose FOUR.)
A. Breadcrumb Separator
B. Copyright
C. Favicon
D. Logo
E. Navigation
F. Page Title
G. Top Links
200-310 pdf Correct Answer: BCDF

QUESTION 22.Which of the following BEST describes the Blend Shape deformer?
The Blend Shape deformer…
A. creates a joint system based on the topology of the surface
B. allows you use several target shapes to help reshape another piece of geometry.
C. is a special object you use to control the deformation effects of rigid skinning.
D. lets you manually sculpt NURBS, polygons, or Subdivision surfaces quickly with the stroke of a brush
Answer: B
QUESTION 23.What is the syntax to add a single-line comment in a script.?
A. //
B. <>
C. ” D.
200-310 vce Answer: A
QUESTION 24.The ViewCube is an on-screen 3D navigation element that does which of the following?
A. Creates a multicamera rig to navigate through your scene
B. Provides feedback about stereo cameras and performs calculations to produce anaglyph images
C. Enables you to quickly and easily switch between views.
D. Provides feedback about the current camera view in relation to the 3D scene
Answer: D
QUESTION 25.Which of the following is a way to control deformations using a Smooth Bind?
A. Add Influence
B. Flexors.
C. Projection Box.
D. Both A and B
200-310 exam Answer: B
Which four of the following page elements can be updated from the Magento Admin in System->
Configuration-> Design? (Choose FOUR.)
A. Breadcrumb Separator
B. Copyright
C. Favicon
D. Logo
E. Navigation
F. Page Title
G. Top Links
Correct Answer: BCDF
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